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Cool Profile Pictures for Facebook



The world is talking about Facebook, millions of people are living a quarter of their daily lives on Facebook and whether you have a driver’s license or not, you need to have an account on Facebook.

If you have an account, you need a profile picture and with the young generation being obsessed with the cool quotient of everything from a smartphone to a car, you absolutely need to have a cool profile picture. In fact cool profile pictures are a popular subject of discussion among friends these days. There are instances when people actually rage a competition to outdo others with cool profile pictures.

What Are Cool Profile Pictures

Before you try and zero in on that picture and get on to the edit table to perfect it, there has to be a consensus on which ones can actually end up being cool profile pictures. There are many instances where a user tries to have a cool profile picture but ends up with exactly the opposite. Here are some tips on how you can ensure you have some cool profile pictures on your Facebook profile.

Profile Pictures Should Not Brag

You may have the hottest body in town or the sharpest jaw line, photos that make your positive traits obvious end up being an image of bragging and not cool at all. Cool profile pictures are those in which you do not try too hard to impress but eventually grab the most brownies. In Facebook language, when you get the most number of honest comments and likes, you know for sure that your profile pictures are working.

Which Ones Can Make It To Cool Profile Pictures

Cool profile pictures cannot be those that are specifically clicked to be uploaded on Facebook. There is a joke doing the rounds these days that earlier, photos were meant to be a part of memories and these days they are meant to be uploaded on Facebook. Profile pictures that appear as if they were taken for the purpose of upload do not register as cool profile pictures. As a matter of fact, people these days can easily make out such efforts.

Similarly the photos that have you in the most common circumstances of your daily life would also not be counted as cool profile pictures unless there is something really cool about them.

The best profile pictures that score on the cool quotient are rare photos. Simple, neat, unique and good quality photos that are a treat to the eye with a sense of fun into the snap are the best bets.

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