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When it comes to Facebook, the social media site is filled with Facebook profile pics that are very generic and boring in nature.

You basically get smiling pictures of the people you know, maybe pictures of their kids, and of course there are sometimes pics of a smiling spouse or other loved one included. It sure is great to have a picture of someone you know there as a reference, but those pics really are enough to just make you yawn. Some of the best accounts do things to their Facebook profile pics so that the pic itself represents their personality in some way, and below we’ve put together some of the easiest ways that you can turn your Facebook profile pics from blah to beautiful and interesting in just a few minutes.

Get Your Funkiness On With Be Funky

If you still want to have you be “you” on the social media giant, you can still have Facebook profile pics of yourself – just a little more interesting – by utilizing the photograph customization tools of Be Funky. Be Funky is an online photograph picture manipulator that gives you dozens of different styles from which you can choose so that your Facebook profile pics can have charcoal sketches, a grunge feel, or even cartooned, and you can have it all done for free. For a small fee you can also step up to the full version of Be Funky with even higher resolution outputs for your altered photographs. Maybe the best part about Be Funky is that you can send your altered Facebook profile pics directly to your account without copying and saving extra files on your computer. If you would like to try Be Funky for yourself, you can try it for free at

Show Your Support For Your Favorite Cause or a Cause of Your Own With Twibbon

One of the most under utilized platforms for personal expression really is in the Facebook profile pics on people’s accounts. In order to rectify that situation, you can find yourself something unique over at Twibbon. Twibbon adds a ribbon to the profile picture of your choice, and you can do it utilizing your current Facebook profile pics or you can even upload profile pics directly to Twibbon. With hundreds of thousands of different Twibbons already created by people just like you seeking a means of self expression, you can talk about your favorite cause or an issue that you feel is important to you in just a few minutes by adding a Twibbon to your Facebook profile pics. If you would like to try out Twibbon for yourself, you can find them at

Pull An Image From Your Favorite Movie For Creative Facebook Profile Pics

Sometimes you don’t need to utilize an image of yourself to be able to have Facebook profile pics that are memorable in nature. Some folks choose to use animals, other folks choose to utilize their favorite actors or actresses, and still others choose to utilize images from their favorite movies. By utilizing Facebook profile pics that are not of yourself, not only are you swimming upstream from the masses that use the social media site in the expected way, but you are also taking an opportunity to display more of your unique personality through your Facebook profile pics, and for some folks that is extremely important to do. So whatever your favorite thing on the planet happens to be, from pizza to popcorn to movies, by incorporating these elements into Facebook profile pics, you’re getting an easy way to be creative… and because you’re not utilizing it for a commercial purpose, you don’t have to worry about copyright infringements either.

Utilize Your Timeline Cover Photo In An Effective Manner Too

With Facebook creating Timeline, they have given the social media site’s users the opportunity to have even greater personal expression on their unique page by adding a cover photograph. Some people take this opportunity to have a photograph from their own personal collection, but others take this as an opportunity to express more of their personality. From cover shots of an army of Mr. Potato Heads to beautiful scenery to expressions about politics, religion, or just every day life, you can download specific and free covers for your Timeline cover photo that help to continue the message of your Facebook profile pics.

Add a Button To Your Facebook Profile Pics

Kind of similar to Twibbon, there are quite a few websites out there that will take your existing Facebook profile pics and allow you to modify them in a way that furthers your self expression. If you don’t like the idea of a full ribbon or insignia or logo going across your Facebook profile pics, then you might like the idea of a small button that is placed inside your pic. From country, state, or province flags to represent your heritage to your favorite professional sports teams to your political leanings, there are buttons out there that represent virtually any opinion or supporter’s group that is out there today. All you have to do is choose your favorite button provider and upload your Facebook profile pics and you’ll have fostered a more creative Facebook profile pic.

You don’t need to have those boring Facebook profile pics any more – by utilizing these great suggestions, you’ll be able to have a memorable and expressive profile pic that will be a better reflection of you than those time honored and traditional personal or family pics. That’s not to say that those traditional picks can’t represent who you are… but you can spice them up a little bit to if your personality is a little bit spicy as well. The most creative Facebook profile pics are the ones that are a true reflection of the person, and by following these suggestions, you’ll be able to generate a true reflection of you every time.

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