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Facebook Profile Picture Dimensions



There are over 250 million photos uploaded to Facebook everyday. There is a consistency in the change of Facebook profile pictures. People are constantly changing their pictures to something more recent, more exciting, more attract;

The changes in pictures give that added intrigue to Facebook making people more drawn the pages. Most profile pictures are fairly well seen on the Facebook profile picture dimensions, most the time; do not jeopardize the integrity of the picture; however that is not always the case. Because of the Facebook profile picture dimensions, many pictures end up losing clarity or the actual image in the picture is reduced so significantly that you cannot easily see what or who is meant to be there.

The standard Facebook profile picture dimensions were 200×600 pixels but with allowance for a 12 pixel border. You should always leave room for a 10-pixel border at minimum. The pictures were reduced to 180×540 in 2010 – why the dimensions were decreased in not clear. However, Facebook can change them at any time and in all likelihood the dimensions will be changed again. Although the dimensions are at the 180×540 pixel size that does not mean that the profile picture has to be that exact size. There is always a great change thing again and if they adjust the profile picture six to a larger size image, your pictures that was actually saved in the larger dimensions. People will often customize their picture through other programs to fit the profile picture dimensions.

The thumbnail of your profile picture is still very small. This is the picture that appears every time you post something. It is critical for companies who are advertising anything on Facebook to make sure that their profile picture appears well within the dimensions that it is allowed. Often times, many companies do not adjust there thumbnail properly and this results in their product or brand no being effectively advertised. You will not want cut photo or photo that has not been properly center.

Making your profile picture fit the Facebook profile picture dimensions can be challenging, however, if you use a specially designed photo shop programs you can make the photo appear more natural and not lose any of the clarity in the appearance. There are several programs that can be purchased or that are online that can help crop the photos in a professional way. People will never stop changing their Facebook profile picture – that is part of the fun on the social website – but there are ways you can enhance the picture and still remain in the boundaries of the Facebook profile picture dimensions.

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