Do you have a really good photo of you? Make it even better!

Take any photo and turn it into your perfect Facebook profile picture. You can fix, crop and enhance any photo to make it look just right. Simply choose a service below, attach your image and we’ll do the rest!  

Facebook Profile Picture Fix

Fix, Crop & Enhance

Facebook Profile Picture 1

Any photo can easily become your Facebook profile picture! We will simply fix, sharpen, zoom, enhance and crop it for you.

Price: $14.95  

Black & White to Color

Facebook Profile Picture 2

Need to add some color to your Facebook profile picture? Turn a black & white picture into color and vice-verse.

Price: $9.95  

Remove Background

Facebook Profile Picture 3

Create a clean and professional profile picture. Isolate yourself by removing the background from any photo.

Price: $14.95  

Photo Restoration

Facebook Profile Picture 4

Want to use a classic old photo? Remove dust, fix scratches and repair torn photos. Bring your old photos back to life!

Price: $24.95  

How to Upload and Crop Your Facebook Profile Picture

There are millions of Facebook users all around the world and there are still some Facebook features that are very hard to figure out on your own. A Facebook profile picture is very important to your profile because it is the main identity of your Facebook profile. You can upload your Facebook profile Picture faster with this simple step-by-step guide. However, make sure that the profile Picture you want to upload is saved in your computer so that you can access it easily.

Uploading your profile picture in Facebook

First Step: Open your Facebook account, go to your account (click your name on the upper right side of the screen) and click on your profile picture. Your profile picture album will appear and the next thing you should do is to click on the “Add Profile Picture” on the upper right side of your screen. This will lead you to the upload Facebook profile picture section.

Second Step: You will find a button that reads “Choose File” and all you have to do is to click the button. A new window will popup and the files and folders in your PC or laptop will appear in this window. Go to the folder or drive where your picture is located so that you can upload Facebook profile picture. Choose the photo you want to upload by clicking on the file and click “open”. If you want to use your webcam, just click on the “Take a photo” button and take a photo.

Third Step: Wait for the picture to be uploaded because it will take around 1 – 5 minutes to upload. The time it takes will depend on your internet speed and the size of your picture file. There are a lot of those who fail to upload Facebook profile pictures because they don’t wait for the file to be completely uploaded. Once your photo has been successfully uploaded, you can crop your profile picture.

Cropping your Facebook profile picture

First Step: If you are still logged in to your Facebook account, simply go back to your profile and click on your profile picture. This would bring you to the album of your profile pictures that you’ve uploaded.

Second Step: Choose an image or photo that you want to use as your Facebook profile picture. After the upload of Facebook profile pic, the photo you uploaded will be in the list as well. Just click on any photo that you want, the photo will then be enlarged. Within this page, click on the “Make Profile Picture” and then faded boxes or squares will appear in each corner of the photo.

Third Step: You can drag on the faded boxes or squares to start cropping your photo. You can adjust any of the 4 boxes or squares so that you can adjust the width or length of the photo. Once you’re done and you are happy with what you see, just click on “Done Cropping”, then it will be your new Facebook profile picture. And you’re all done!