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Great Facebook Profile Picture Ideas



The majority of computer users these days use Facebook on a regular basis for communication, documenting their lives, and catching up with their friends. Employers review profiles before hiring someone and potential suitors review photos before agreeing to a date.

With so much riding on Facebook profile pictures, you may want to consider some of the various options you have and how to present yourself to the public.

Letting People see the Whole Profile Album or Just Your Current Profile Picture

One thing to consider is whether to allow strangers to see just one Facebook profile picture or many. Since most people allow strangers to see their Facebook profile picture, this picture is seen as the introductory picture to your life. It allows people you have just met to know that yes, this is the “Joe Smith” they just met and not another Joe Smith. You can set the album to either let strangers see just the current profile picture or the whole album. If you let them see the whole album, it allows viewers to see how you might change over the course of the year. This way, if you change the picture to reflect a season of the year, or a specific sporting event, it lets the viewer know that you don’t always where a college football jersey. However, you may prefer to have one professional picture represent you, and restrict the remaining pictures to people that you are friends with.

Coordinating the Profile Picture with the Cover Photo

The Facebook timeline profile has a new profile cover photo option, called the “cover photo.” This picture does not appear when someone searches for your name, so it gives you the opportunity to choose a picture that represents your personality without it necessarily being a picture of yourself. So, you could have a profile picture that is your face and a second cover photo that represents a place you like, a team you root for, or another picture of your family, if you prefer.

Simple Profile Pictures Design Rules

Your profile picture is small, and with so many people viewing Facebook on mobile devices, it can appear even smaller. Because of this, a profile picture that is closely cropped to your face can give people a better idea of what you actually look like. The cover photo space may be a better place to add that picture of a group class reunion, since it is larger and lets the viewer see a broader space.

These days, what you choose as your Facebook profile can say a lot about you. Remember that many people now have their Facebook accounts linked with the address books on their phone. This means that when their phone rings when you call them, your Facebook picture will pop up on their phone. Choose something that you won’t be embarrassed to have representing you, and this goes for a wide variety of audiences. You want a picture that you would be happy with your mother seeing, a potential date, and a possible future employer.

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