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Profile Pictures For Facebook For Boys Having the Right Avi Means More Than You Think.

For boys in this modern age, Facebook has really become the medium for them to be able to talk about themselves, describe their interests from a social perspective, and let them be known to the world. Not only can they upload videos of themselves doing whatever on their timeline, but they can also do things like play social games, work on their homework, and of course, pick up girls. In fact, because we live in such a physically dominated society, you’ll find boys tend to do one of three things when it comes to their profile picture, or their avatar or avi, when it comes to Facebook:

• They will pose as a thug, trying to look tougher than they really are, in order to impress their friends, their girls, and attempt to downplay the fact that they come from suburbia;

• They will pose shirtless and potentially in their underwear so that all the girls that are their friends and scope out their assets and potentially want to get with them; or

• They will not put a picture of themselves online at all and instead use a graphic representation of themselves, such as their favorite actor or actress, their favorite show, their favorite graphic character, or just something that looks “cool.”

All three things not only represent a true glimpse of their personality, but they can also be prohibits to them becoming as successful as they could be. Not only are employers checking out the social media sites to determine what is truly important to prospective employees, but they also look to see what kind of behavior you example in a public forum. Having the right avi now, even as a young boy, can help lead to a future of success instead of a future of trying to explain why they are mostly naked in just their boxers or looking like a thug from Small-town, USA.

Truthfully, the right avi has nothing to do with any of the three things that boys tend to use as their avis on Facebook. That’s because what most people want to see in a Facebook profile picture is a face, a picture of your family, or of a treasured pet or something. What people don’t really want to see, except for maybe a few close friends, are the three examples of what are typically used by boys, and we’ll talk about why below.

First, you’ve got the classic thug picture. This usually involves standing in some gangster pose, hat turned to the side, and the boy flashing a gang sign to the camera. What this tells people is that you want to be a thug, not that you are a thug. True gangsters don’t give a lick about what their reputation is on Facebook… in fact, if they even use Facebook at all, they’re liking to throw up a profile pic of their family or their kids, not themselves looking like they’re going to be up the wimpy kid in third grade. Though boys think this looks cool and maybe to some of their friends it does, what it tells others is that you are a liability, a rogue element, and that you’re not to be trusted. And when profile pictures are stored under Google pictures forever, even after they have been deleted, an employer ten years down the road can see the avi pic and decide to take a pass on you.

Secondly, you’ve got that classic mostly naked picture or the shirtless picture in the mirror. Boys think girls love that stuff, and don’t get me wrong, some of them do, but what it tells most girls is that you’re only interested in one thing, and it isn’t a conversation about the next Presidential election. Those mostly naked pictures are just as damaging as the thug pictures are down the road too because it tells future employers that you are going to be one of the 25% of the population that is consistently thinking about sex at any given moment and will be a sexual harassment liability of a ridiculous nature. So even though it starts out as a seemingly innocent method of garnering attention and potentially getting laid, it can lead to a lifetime of grief.

And finally there are those shy boys that won’t put up a profile pic of them at all. Instead, they choose an avi of a sunset or a car or a hot, mostly naked chick. Though this is less damaging long term, what it communicates to others is a lack of self-confidence. That might not necessarily prevent a job or some other school position, but it is likely to be prohibitive when considering a position of leadership. Leaders need to be self-confident, able to make effective decisions, and not be embarrassed about them, and not having a profile pic of themselves or their family up can lead people to think something else about that boy.

Having the right profile pictures for Facebook for boys might seem like a ridiculous thing to be worried about right now, as they are young, because many people take the attitude that boys will be boys and they’ll do what they want to do. When push comes to shove, however, Facebook is public domain and it is a social network, and what happens on Facebook has a lasting impression for years to come. Having the right profile pictures for Facebook for boys of all ages truly is a critical component for being able to do things the way you want later on in life… or even this very moment. Limiting the negative information and perceptions about you are truly key and that’s what the right profile pictures for Facebook for boys will be able to do.

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